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Klliki all flavour pen combo set


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Do you want to try our new flavors? What’s interesting about these flavor pens is their fast application. Now it takes only 10 seconds to fully insert your favorite flavor into your filter. Inside this pack, you will find, ice Melone, ice Blueberry, Ice Peach, Ice Mint, and our latest flavor Ice Orange.

🫐 Ice Blueberry – The taste is very balanced, so you do not have to worry about the freshness of the mint overshadowing the sweet and sour character of the blueberry. After the ball bursts and bursts, expect exemplary freshness and fullness from the beginning to the end of the cigarette.

🍃 Ice Mint – Cool, crisp, and endlessly refreshing, Ice Mint takes a classic menthol taste experience and layers over it a deliciously sweet and subtle hint of fresh mint that cuts through the icy breeze for an invigorating smoke experience.

🍈 Ice Melon – Melon embodies the taste of summer! On a hot summer day, no other fruit provides a fresher taste or quenches thirst naturally. No wonder melon flavors are currently at the top of the trend barometer.

🍑 Ice Peach – The characteristic smell will not be confused by anyone. We recommend you try this taste. It is one of our favorites. Combined with quality tobacco, it will become a very unconventional taste experience. We do not doubt that you will want to taste this Klliki flavor again.

🍊 Orange – This legendary fruit is well known to all of us. Enjoy the explosion of juicy Orange taste in your cigarette. The taste of smoking pervades the mouth is fresh and unexpectedly intense. We definitely recommend you to taste this taste.

One Klliki flavour pen contains 45 crushballs 


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