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Kas ir Klliki?

Klliki is a small crushable ball, that’s places inside a cigarette/IQOS heat stick. When crushed, it unleashes a juicy flavour that sucks inside the filter, giving you a fresh and tasty smoke. With or without a mint, you can find a taste that hits just perfect for you. It’s truly the best alternative for banned menthol and flavoured cigarettes.

All our Klliki crushballs are made with 100% food essence and contain no harmful or toxic ingredients!

Klliki is proud to be one of the Europes leading crushball suppliers, serving our loyal customers and retailers all over the world. (Worldwide delivery available) Contact us, and be the first on your are selling Klliki flavoured crushballs.

Why should you choose KLLIKI?

Klliki is the new trend to taste the flavours through your cigarettes and IQOS heating device. Enjoy more than 15 flavours and choose your favourite. There is no more bad smells or untasty smoke. No complicated instruction. It’s simple and fast as it looks. Klliki is not only changing your pleasure but fulfils it truly. Klliki goes wherever life takes you. Small packaging that goes always with you and in case you were wondering, it’s top-notch. Klliki is made with high-quality ingredients which makes the flavour so good.

What exactly goes into Klliki capsules?

Klliki capsules contain gelatin, glycerine and edible essences. More information on our blog post.

Which should be my Klliki flavor?

Well firstly, it’s important to choose your favourite fruit and search for that fruit or something similar. Klliki comes in a variety of flavours from mellow to intense. And also flavours some are with menthol so we call it ice and without it. But the most popular are iced flavours.  If you’re a classy flavours enjoyer you should take some menthol flavours, but if you are more interested to know other flavours you need to taste fruity ones. But you can try all of them and then choose your favourite one.

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